Mission Vision

Our mission: Let the world use Chinese titanium

As we know, titanium and titanium alloy is a "golden card" of Baoji in China. There are more than 500 production enterprises of rare metals(such as titanium, tungsten, molybdenum) in Baoji Hi-tech Zone. It is the largest R & D and production base of titanium and titanium alloys in China, which known as the "titanium valley of China." A complete industry chain of "Sponge titanium -- Titanium ingot -- Titanium processing materials -- Titanium alloy materials-- Titanium composite materials-Titanium deep processing products" had been formed. The output accounts for more than 60% of the total domestic production and about 22% of the total output of titanium materials in the world. The production equipment, technical level and production capacity of new materials represented by titanium are the first in China.

In recent years, Shaanxi Aigerui Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. has closely focused on the goal of becoming a professional manufacturer of high-precision titanium rods, constantly speeding up the pace of catching up and surpassing, and taking "innovation-driven, endogenous development" as the main line. We will adhere to the four-wheel drive of "talent development, technological innovation, management construction, and quality improvement," and maintain steady growth in major economic indicators.Aigerui people always have a goal in mind, that is to let China's high-precision titanium rod go to the world, let the world use Chinese titanium! We will try our best to achieve this goal.


Our vision: to become a leader in titanium industry

We are well aware of the importance of our responsibilities and of the hardships of the way forward. Therefore, we are not only satisfied with "we can do", but also "we can do the best", and we want to become the leader of China's titanium industry!